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As a manufacturer or retailer, the quality of your materials and final products are indispensable when building a longtime relationship with your customer. 
In your supply chain you need reliable partners with the the same high quality standards as you are used to offer your own customers.
GTS-Consult B.V.  is well connected in the bedding industry and is able to support you in finding the suppliers for your business or department. 


In case your organisation is in a reorganisation, growing fast or is just having a staff problem GTS-Consult B.V. may have a temporarily solution as interim staff member or officer to fill up a gap or as an external bureau working as your agent.   
The interim work can be sourcing/purchasing related but also for specific key-accountmanagement cases.  This work can be combined with training of new staff on the specifics of the bedlinen and white bedding industry.


Starting in a new line of business, expanding your sales staff or having a new buyer from a different industry, you need competent people that know what they are talking about to strengthen your team.
GTS-Consult B.V. can offer specific material- and producttraining for this purpose.
Training can be on a multi level base depending on the experience and knowledge of the trainees.       

About Us

GTS-Consult BV was established by Maarten Gaarthuis in 2014 after being employed in the home textiles and bedding business for many years. The experience gathered over the years in relation to product development, production, sales but also sourcing of feather & down filled products and its components is the base for what we are offering you.
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